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About Us

Artistry Collaborative is the fruition of a lifelong dream to create a space where creativity and performance can come alive and shared with the community.  Our dream is to have an establishment that provides an open opportunity for everyone to explore their own unique talents and a venue to showcase themselves.  It is our deepest desire to encourage and support all skill levels, especially those that have come to believe that they are not creative.  EVERYONE is CREATIVE!  People just need an opportunity to explore with support and inspiration to believe anything is possible!  Come along, there is magic to uncover by all who dare to dream and the courage to at least TRY!


Hi! My name is JoAnn, and I am so happy you are here exploring all the possibilities of your creativity.  Creativity has been my companion and saving grace throughout my life.  Creativity has allowed me to disccover and explore many challeges.  The process of  creating  has given me answers as well as ambitions to creating a fully realized life!  It is my deepest desire to open you to the infinite world of creative exploration. I believe it is my life purpose to help you discover all the gifts that you may not realize you possess or bring to light some latent desires.  I know deep within my soul that creating is healing and whenever you are involved in any act of creation you are most open to your Divine self.

  I received my BA in theater performance from RI College.  I have worked in over 60 productions as an actress, director and teacher.  In addition to my theater experience,  I have consistently immersed my self  in the arts and craft industry, creating art work in a variety of mediums.  Working within the healing arts, I have created talks and platforms to inspire creativity in everyone!  My most recent creations are my podcast "Inner Promptings" and this platform to share my classes.  My daughter and I welcome you to our colorful and vibrant world.  We created "TRY LAB" because, that is all it takes to get started....just try!

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Hi, I am Jocelyn! I grew up immersed in the arts and culture thanks to my parents.  It is no surprise I have spent my life studying and honing techniques in all areas of the arts. I studied music and theater before graduating from RI College with a BA in English, Theater, and a certificate in Non-Profit and Philanthropy.  I have experience creating fundraising events, writing grants, and teaching classes in a variety of mediums.  I have also volunteered for A.S.T.A.L., Epic Theater, Stone Soup, and Davisville Free Library of which I was a board member.  I believe the arts and humanities go hand and hand, I have always said, "The arts and creativity have developed and expanded my understanding of the world and human nature." I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which is why you'll often find me obsessively researching and studying various topics in an attempt to know all I can and then share it with you!  I am always ready to try and learn something new, you'll often find me in the library, craft store, or theatre. In addition, I  also have experience in many forms of performing, from behind the scenes to up front and center.  I have honed my own visual art techniques, especially with forms of paper, including a line of greeting cards called "Paper Poetry Wings" that you can find on this site or Etsy and in local gift shops. I am very excited to begin this exciting journey with you and discover endless creative possibilities!


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