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Welcome to Artistry Collaborative


Have you felt like you want to create something, but you didn't know what? Do you feel like you are capable of so may things, you just have no idea where to start?  Does the world around you call you to reach out and try something new, but you have convinced yourself that you are:

Too old,

Too young,

Not enough time,

Not enough money,

Not smart enough,

Do not possess any talent???

Well guess what?? None of that is true!!

Right now, YOU have everything to create an incredible life. 


I promise that by opening yourself up to your creative gifts, you will open doors unimagined!  You will gain confidence and curiosity about new adventures and expand your day to day life in immeasurable ways!  In addition to learning a variety of skills to create art that is uniquely an expression of you.


Come along and just try!

Our Classes

Our classes are opportunities to explore your own unique creativity.  It is a place to play and explore and socialize in a positive and supportive enviromentTere is no bad art.  It is all an expressio of your feelings, ideas and unique talents and gifts.  It is our deepest desire to re-create  your child-like sense of wonder and curiosity.  Join in and explore.  Classes are available to any age from 3-100!

Our Latest Creations!


Here is a postcard Jocelyn made for me. Isn't it adorable!

Be Magical_edited.jpg

This is my latest Mixed Media. 

I just love it!

$65.00 free shipping

12x16 Canvas Panel

Isn't she lovely!

Fairy Gazebo 1.jpg

This is one of the latest Fairy Gardens. Arranged in a vintage porcelain birdhouse.  So pretty!  

$65.00 Free shipping

Stands 10"x6"

Fairy Playground 1.jpg

God's Art

Fairy Playground

IWouldn't you love to come out and play?  Fairy Garden features tree swing, rambling brook with covered footbridge, seesaw and wishing well. 

Let's not forget the slide! Weeee! So much fun!

13" x !7" placed in wooden serving tray

$55.00 free shipping

Nature is God.jpg

Another mixed media, focusing on the beauty of nature

11x14 Canvas

$50.00 free shipping


Jocelyn made this for our good friend Tray.  She is our sunshine girl and this art piece truly reflects her beauty.!

Be Magical!

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